Cognitive Development
Spotlight on Problem-Solving
02:18 | 06/01/2014

Problem-solving is a critical thinking skill that helps babies be successful now, later in school, and the rest of their lives.  In the beginning, the problems babies solve seem simple:  How do I make the tambourine rattle?  How do I make the jack pop up out of the box? 

From “Unintentional” to “Intentional”
01:21 | 25/09/2014

Many patterns of behavior of children are unintentional at the beginning, such as beating others. In fact, they are unaware of the meaning of this behavior.

Creative Play: The Real Work of Childhood
03:33 | 11/05/2016

“Kids are naturally creative. They exhibit this in their free play and exploration.” But too often, she says, adults don’t recognize the novelty in children’s ideas and trivialize their creative thinking with sentiments such as, “Oh, isn’t that cute!”

Story time at Gymboree Class
03:00 | 03/05/2016

Just few minutes a day of reading aloud to your child creates a world of difference. Join us for story time at your local Gymboree!

Encourage cognitive development in infants
02:25 | 12/07/2016

It is easy to measure changes in your newborn\'s weight and size but it is not so easy to see what\'s happening inside his brain.

Encourage Language Development in infants
10:04 | 19/07/2016

The development of communication and language from birth to age three is a critical and amazing process. During this time the brain is preprogrammed to learn language

How Smart Is Your Baby
04:42 | 19/11/2013

Our report on infant intelligence - and what you can do to enhance it - reveals your tot is already one smart cookie.

How can Gymboree promote children’s cognitive skill?
04:05 | 20/11/2013

It seems to me that Gymboree is a place where children have lots of fun and physical activities.  How can it promote children’s cognitive skill?

How to handle a very active child?
03:29 | 20/11/2013

My child is so determined to get into everything, it’s driving me crazy! I still don’t know how to handle this very active child.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

How to help toddlers enhance their thinking skill?
02:18 | 20/11/2013

What activities can I do at home to help my toddler enhance her thinking skill?

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