Physical Development
Optimizing Early Brain and Motor Development Through Movement
03:25 | 07/01/2014

It appears that research is now supporting what we in early childhood education have been saying for years. That is, positive early experiences forge the foundations for lifelong learning and behavior...

Encourage physical development in infants/toddlers
04:33 | 11/07/2016

Babies learn about their bodies including how their body parts feel and how they move by exploring, rolling, climbing, falling and experiencing touch from others. During the first few years of life, children experience amazing changes in both body size and control over the movements of their body

Establishing A Healthy Lifestyle To Grow On
03:35 | 01/12/2013

From day one, being active is important to help set the stage for an ongoing active lifestyle that promotes fun and fitness!

How can I get my child move more?
02:08 | 01/12/2013

My 10-month-old is like a little sitting Buddha! She just likes to sit and watch.  

Supporting young children’s physical development
02:52 | 01/12/2013

I’m wondering what makes Gymboree’s materials and programs different from the one of other children’s center in supporting young children’s physical development? 

How to help a baby reach and master her physical development?
03:33 | 01/12/2013

My 6-month-old baby is not sitting yet, while other babies in her playgroup are.  Should I be worried? 

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