Play and Praise!
09:56 | 06/01/2014


Play instinctively lends itself to discovering supportive words and gestures that become part of the daily conversations we share with our children. Whatever forms of praise you enjoy showering upon your child, encouraging words reinforce for your child a belief in his or her growing abilities.


Remember to comment on the actual activity your child has accomplished. “Wow, that was excellent climbing Samantha!” or “How beautiful Tommy, your drawing is so colorful and bright.” Commenting on the activity lets your child know you’re paying close attention to the details of what he or she accomplishing.


Need some fresh ideas for praising children as they play? Here are some creative twists to add to your favorite praise slogans.


You’re sensational!

Now you’ve got it


I knew you could do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Well done!

That’s incredible!

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