From “Unintentional” to “Intentional”
01:21 | 25/09/2014

Many patterns of behavior of children are unintentional at the beginning, such as beating others. In fact, they are unaware of the meaning of this behavior. If parents ignore it, then the child will not become aware of what impression it has left, and we have to wait until the next “unintentional” behavior. If the parents react strongly, then the child immediately understands the special “value” of this behavior: arousing the attention of the parents. Thus, the possibility of re-emergence of this behavior is greatly increased. This is the S-R (Stimulation-Response) of behaviorism. The behavior is the learning process of stimulus and response.


Wise parents know how to use this principle to educate their children. Specifically, instances of good behavior of children are retained through “enhancement” which is a process of turning “unintentional” to “intentional”. “Enhancement” is based on three prerequisites: timeliness, effectiveness and repeatability. Timeliness requires parents to immediately strengthen the good behavior of children as soon as it occurs. Only in this way can children accurately connect the enhancement with the good behavior. Effectiveness requires us to make the enhancement in ways which can be felt, favored and desired, just like the food for hungry pigeons.


For children, the attention and affirmation of adults are the most effective ways of enhancement. 

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