How to handle a very active child?
03:29 | 20/11/2013

My child is so determined to get into everything, it’s driving me crazy! He will throw everything he got in his hand to the toilet, climb on any furniture he encounters, put anything he found in his mouth – you name it.  Even though we’ve tried to put away any objects he may encounter, child-proofed house like, and said “no” to him, I still don’t know how to handle this very active child.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


We totally understand how you feel now, and imagine how hard it may be to work on redirecting your little explorer.  On the other hand, from what you have noticed and described, we can see that your child is exploring the world around him through his interaction and experiences.Here are some suggestions and we hope you find them helpful.


Trying to figure out what is capturing his interests or what skill he is trying to master, and create a safe and acceptable way for him to explore.  For example, if he is digging through the houseplants, put them out of reach but offer a close alternative by giving him some dirt or something similar-like sand-in a plastic container to play with and inspect.  If he is pouring the water from his sippy cup onto the floor, redirect him to bathtub or make him a small wash-tub filled with water and tuck some towel underneath to prevent slippery so he can explore and experiment with water without driving you crazy.  This will also teach your son some important problem-solving skills-how to find creative and acceptable ways to do and get what he wants, and make you feel safe with your son’s exploration.


Praising your son after he follows your instruction or activities set-up is also a good way to reinforce your son’s understanding of what’s ok/safe and what’s not.  For example, “wow, you have made a big jump onto the pillow. See, it doesn’t hurt you and you still have fun, does it!” after you redirect him to jump on the pillow rather than on the chair.


Getting some other hand-on activities on Gymboree’s Tip and Advice website may give you more ideas what to play with your son safely.


Experiencing more safe and fun learning activities with him at Gymboree’s play and learn classes, which provides a very safe and interactive activities designed to foster children’s development attheirown pace.



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