How to help toddlers enhance their thinking skill?
02:18 | 20/11/2013


What activities can I do at home to help my toddler enhance her thinking skill?


Gymboree Play and Music programs feature thoroughly researched activities.  Each has many components that work together to bring out the best in your daughter.  Depends on the age-group, there are variety of learning activities for young children’s development.   I don’t how exactly how old your daughter is, here are some fun activities for young children from 16 months old to 36 months, you can try at home.


For 16-22 months: Play stop-and-go

Have one red and one green item (color shapes, handkerchief, etc.) available.  Tell your child that red means stop and green means to.  Your child will stand across the room and walk to you when you raise the green item and stop when you raise the red item.   Playing this game encourages the toddler to follow instructions and this game encourages the toddler to follow instructions and helps her understand new concepts and words about her environment.


For 22-28 months: Play “Walk-Trot-Gallop”

Show your little child the difference between a walk, a trot (or jog) and a gallop (or running very fast).  Then say, “walk” and begin walking with your child; switch to “trot” and then end up with “gallop!” and run as fast as you both can.  To enhance the play, tuck a scarf into your child’s waistband to be his tail.  Activities like these enhance your child’s pretend play skills be his tail.  Activities like these enhance your daughter’s pretend play skills as well as his vocabulary, which contribute significantly to her thinking development.


For 28-36 months: Build with Blocks

Help your child practice her logical thinking skills as the two of you build the highest block tower in the world! Ask her questions like, “Why do you think we’re having trouble building on top of the triangle-shaped block?”  Asking her questions to think through how to build exercises her intrinsic knowledge of geometry and spatial relationships and enhances logical thinking skills.


We hope you and your little enjoy these activities, and to experience even more fun while learning, and more hands on activities at home, you can schedule a preview class at Gymboree Play & Music



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