Pancake Breakfast Playtime
09:55 | 22/11/2013


“All happiness depends on an occasional leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther


There are so many fun activities you can share with child while preparing a simple pancake breakfast. Cooking together and discussing all the steps and ingredient supports language and concept development.




Breakfast Activities


A Measure Of Math

Support early math skills by counting the taps it takes to crack the egg. Measure and mix pancake batter together to the tune of a favorite song.


Creative Cooking

Engage your child’s creativity by making different shapes with pancake batter drizzled into a warm pan. Use sliced fruit to add details


Table Time

Explore special relations and counting. Invite your little one to help set the table and point out the shapes and colors of plates and utensils


Dish Duty

Cleaning up is also part of learning! Explore the wonder of soap suds together over breakfast dishes.


Pancake Song


A Mixing Melody

Engage your budding chef with a song to support cooking skills. To the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”:

Mix, mix, mix, it up, mix it with my spoon.

Add some milk, crack the eggs.

Let’s eat some pancake soon!


Placemat Art Project       


Personalized Placemats

Use crayons in bright spring colors to turn sheets of art paper into elebratory placesmats. Set the table with them for the next occasion!

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